Counselling Somatic

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with Barbara Schmidt

I have developed a unique and holistic approach around grief and trauma recovery over the last 20 years. Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, EMDR and gentle Emotional Release in conjunction with Mindfulness and Visualization build the foundation of my work and I enjoy working on a deep and lasting level in therapy and supervision sessions.

I am very confident and relaxed in guiding you through your process with loving gentleness, understanding and professionalism, making you feel safe, grounded and held.

Being an accredited Mental Health Social Worker Medicare Rebates may be available to you.

As all trauma is stored in the body I focus on working somatic. The body has a unique ability to heal itself and is our greatest link to our subconscious. 

With the right gentle support the body can be coaxed back to its natural self-regulation and balance without having to repeat the overwhelming details of the traumatic story. By observing the body’s needs, pent-up energy can safely and gradually be released. This helps build new positive neural pathways in the brain - hence enabling lasting change, removal of trauma symptoms and a movement forward.

If you are interested in finding out more about the nervous sytem and the latest trauma education, I refer you to the series of easy-to-read articles on my blog.

Life is wonderful with a relaxed nervous system that can bounce back from life’s smaller ups and downs easily.